is the first end-to-end platform in the mortgage industry.

The project focused on creating a software that will provide the home buyer with an easy to use, the streamlined process they will love, whilst freeing mortgage advisors up to do what they do best.

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  • Lynch


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Mortgage Advisors

  • All in one place
  • Reduce repetitive work
  • Identify opportunities within your existing customer base
  • Track applications online
  • Submit all of your details once, in one place
  • Home Buyers

  • Calculate property purchase costs including stamp duty
  • Track your mortgage application process
  • Track your mortgage application process
  • Technology to streamline your mortgage process
  • Solicitors

  • Gives oversight of brokers and ongoing applications
  • Make applying for mortgages one seamless process
  • Connecting all relevant parties – buyer, agent, broker, solicitor, lender